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21 Days of Vision Alignment

21 Days of Vision Alignment


Vision Alignment Days


I want you, as a reader, to be part of these teachings, and for the revelation and anointing that God has given us to be imparted to you through the pages of this book. “21 Days of Alignment in Vision” is a devotional and work book based on the book “The 21 Prophetic Alignments to Win and Disciple.” We want to equip you with codes that have been successful for us in a continent that many call "closed to the gospel." But despite this atmosphere of opposition, by aligning ourselves correctly with the vision of God, we have seen how his glory and his kingdom have been manifested through miracles and conversions in various nations and cities of Europe. For this reason we want this to awaken in your hands, enliven the call and at the same time enable you to ignite the fire of passion for souls in all those around you. So that together as one body, no matter the time, the country we live in or the opposition we face, we engage in the mission of winning our generation and discipling the nations of the earth.

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Author: Rodolfo Rojas


Title: 21 Days of Vision Alignment 


Category: Christian Life / Discipleship / Devotional

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